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Don Valley Brewery (DVB) combine the ultimate desires for great beer and good tunes.


We carefully hand craft four core cask beers, that are available all year with more styles planned for 2019.  Look out for our ‘White Label’ selection of seasonal cask ale specials.  All cask is supplied in 9G Firkins or 20L BIB.


Continually striving to accommodate all tastes and sustainability of today’s discerning beer devotee, using only natural ingredients we carefully hand craft a core range of three craft ales which are also available all year in 30L key kegs.


Only fresh fruit ingredients are used in our unique recipes, no fruit syrups or extracts to be seen here.  There is no substitute for quality when it comes to the taste of our beers.


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Go Your Own Way

5% ABV



An Anglo-American Collaboration of British Malts & Mosaic Hops


India Pale Ale founded with the best of British malts to give a golden coloured IPA lending undertones of sweet caramel.  Mosaic hops with tropical citrusy aromas deliver the American punch finishing this Anglo-American collaboration.


Atomic Blonde

4.3% ABV




Pilsner & Munich Malts Goldings & Cascade Hops


Pilsner and Munich malts give this beer a deep body and a light blonde colour. The Goldings hops lend a British bitterness while finished with Cascade to deliver a floral and citrusy aroma and that all important punk undertone.


Our House

3.8% ABV




Crystal, Cara and pale ale malts,

Goldings UK hops


Our traditional full bodied best bitter wearing its Sunday best, boasting the best of British grains and subtle hops, pours a dark copper colour, with biscuit and toffee aromas with a balanced bitter finish.



4.5% ABV



Cara, Crystal, Black, Toasted Barley & Chocolate Malts Goldings

& Cascade Hops


This five malt smooth stout incorporates chocolate and coffee aromas with a spike of cascade hops to finish. A show stopping stout with a beautiful white creamy head.


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Teenage Dirtbag

5.2% ABV



Wheat, Munich, Pilsner malts

Hallertau Blanc hops


Teenage Dirtbag, brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops and traditional Bavarian yeast, is a light yellow, full bodied hazy refreshing German style wheat beer, with clove aromas and a smooth banana flavours.  A fitting tribute to a one hit wonder & guilty pleasure on the brewery’s playlist.  
Thanks Wheatus, we salute you!

“It's prom night and I am lonely, lo and behold”

– Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, 2000

Zest for Life

4.5% ABV




Best of British Malts

Continental Hops 


Inspired by Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life”, Zest for life is a naturally carbonated refreshing citrusy pale ale, infused with freshly zested lemons and quality continental hops with the best of British malts!

“Yeah, I'm through with sleeping on the sidewalk”

– Lust for Life by Iggy Pop, 1977



4.2% ABV




Best of British Malts

Great German Hops 


We are driving on the “Autobahn” A German classic, Kraft’Werk is our take on a pilsner using carefully selected British produced malt and the best German hops. A dry crisp pilsner ale with a natural light carbonation. 

“Wir fahren, fahren, fahren auf der Autobahn”

– Autobahn by Kraftwerk – 1974


Black Star Stout

4.5% ABV



Cara, Crystal, Black, Toasted

Barley & Chocolate malts

Goldings & Cascade hops

In honour of one of the bestselling recording artists 25th and final album, we give you a craft stout both smooth in texture but complex in taste.  Carefully selected malts complimenting perfectly the chocolate and coffee base of this smooth craft delight.  A imperfection milder coloured head dequishes from the rest.  “Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried, 
I'm a Blackstar”. RIP DB

Something happened on

the day he died”

– by David Bowie – 2016 RIP


Doorstop Ale & Beer

Quality cask and craft beers delivered weekly

straight from our tanks to your door

Free delivery for orders over £ 30 within a 5-mile

radius of the brewery in Mexborough

UK Mainland courier delivery within 3-5 days for £ 7.99

Collection service available every Friday 12 till 4.30pm





No appliance required as the fresh beer is dispensed direct from the keg.  A portable and slick design that apart from chilling requires no preparation.  Arrive in style to a party or offer as a gift.  Take on a picnic or simply enjoy at home.  Available in our entire range of craft beers.


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As we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, we are happy to make deliveries within a radius of 35 miles.


We are also members of SIBA. Please look for our beers in your local trade publications or place an order with your local wholesaler.

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